Rug Doctor VS Professional Carpet Cleaning

This is one that comes up alot. We have come into many jobs where they have started with a Rug Doctor and have realized things weren't going well. We always discover the same things on these jobs. There has been inadequate heat and suction. This is really the crux of the issue. 

When you saturate your carpet fibers with the Rug Doctor cleaning solution, you will never actually be able to fully remove it. Trust me, you dont even want to look at the ingrediants. Rug Doctor uses very cheap portable units with poor suction and can only clean at about 100 degrees in the best conditions. This is simply bad for your carpet fibers.

When the residual Rug Doctor chemicals build up over time your carpet fibers will have their life shortened drastically. They will actually become soiled more frequently, and will degrade much quicker. The reason that our method is superior is simple...we have much better equipment! 

We will clean your carpet fibers at right around 200 degrees. We make the investment in the safest, most effective chemistry. Not to mention we are using roughly 10 times the suction of a rug doctor. This ensures a safe, clean environment for you and your family. The fibers will feel fluffy and not crunchy. When the Rug doctor chemicals are left behind, your  fibers will not fully rinse and the residue can make the fibers crunchy to the touch and will quickly become soiled again.

Guys, DO NOT DO THIS to your carpet fibers. The carpets in your home represent a significant investment to your household. Treat your fibers right, and schedule a FREE NO-PRESSURE CONSULTATION with BHS today.