Dont forget your upholstery! -- 20% off for july when you schedule early!

We have talked extensively about the many benefits of regular carpet cleaning. The same goes for your upholstery. Those fibers need to be cleaned and refreshed regularly! Otherwise, they will degrade much more rapidly over time.

Think about the amount of time your family spends on your upholstered furniture! From a health and wellness perspective,  specialized chemistry, coupled with our steam and extraction power, will provide a much more sanitary environment for your whole family. 

And then, there are the canine segments of our families! We get it! We have pets in our household and we know first-hand what they can do to your furniture! It's so important to stay on top of this. Regular cleaning can deter some unwanted pet behaviors. And refreshing those fibers regularly can dramatically extend the life of that expensive furniture!

Take Advantage of our upholstery cleaning services today. We are offering 20% off for the month of July when you schedule early.